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Individualized training to help coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses get more yeses in sales and love doing it.

Learn the skills
Feel Confident
Grow your business

You've got a business to build.

So, you started a service-based business. You've networked, sent emails, and posted on social. But...only 1 person buys and you're not even sure why. We get it.

It's a bummer when:

You're hustling but aren't getting more clients

You want sales but feel awkward asking people to buy

You're exhausted trying to put a dollar value on what you do

We know how frustrating it can be trying to run a profitable business.


But it is 100% possible. 

And learning sales skills is the fastest way to kickstart the engine. We got you. We give you a simple strategy, step-by-step plan, and a private coach to help you execute.. So you can get clients consistently and serve others like you set out to do.

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Book a consult

Enjoy a strategy session

Get your personalized program

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The Message Mastery Course

The world is noisy. Great SALESWOMANSHIP is more than an essential skill, it’s your superpower that turns strangers into paying customers.


In this course, you'll learn to:

  • Create a sales message that connects perfectly with your ideal client so it attracts them to you and not your competition.

  • Communicate authority so customers understand why you're their #1 choice.

  • Close sales on the spot in-person or over-the-phone so your business starts growing.

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Girl Sweat is Nashville's leading Sales Training company for Coaches, Consultants, and Service-based businesses.

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Learn the skills
Feel Confident
Grow your business


From start to finish, we guide you in a personalized progressive training program that fits your unique style so you can stress less and love your business more.

Valentina B., TN

I went from struggling to be heard, to people understanding what I do. By fixing my sales messaging, my delivery, and mastering a few practical skills, I experienced a 300% increase in bookings AND booked a paid client within the first three weeks.

Kelly J., TN

Before working Girl Sweat, I was playing it small and doubting myself. After working with her for just a couple of weeks, I discovered a newfound confidence in my company and myself. Today, I pitch and propose my services to clients without hesitation. Zero fear. I expect results instead of just hoping for them. I booked 50% more clients in four weeks of the program.

Heather A., CA

Girl Sweat training helped me understand my target audience and tailor my sales messages accordingly. Truly remarkable results! I used the discovery scripts and booked my very first client meeting the next day. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking assistance with sales.

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We offer new and potential clients a complimentary 15-minute consult to understand your needs and see if we jive.

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